Shoe Crush of the Week: Makemechic "Asassyn"

Happy Easter Friday Everyone!
         My Shoe Crush of the week is this lovely beauty called Asassyn by Makemechic. I love the fact that it is heelless, which most people might be skeptical about. I have always wanted to try a pair of heel less shoes.  I am obsessed with heels because I am a short girl; I am just 5ft 3inches and I hate being short. So I tend to buy heels most time eventhough I don't really wear them at school. I wear wedges sometimes but most often you will probably see me with a pair of flats or tennis shoes at school. Back to the Shoes, they are Heelless Peep toe Booties. It is about 6inches with a 2inches platform. It is currently on pre-sale for $49.50 at and it starts shipping on April 25th. It also comes in various colors.
 Asassyn in Black
 Asassyn in Nude
 Asassyn in Black + Snake print 
 Asassyn in Pink + Snake print 
Asassyn in Snake print

I also found a video uploaded by Makemechic with a model wearing Asassyn.

What do you guys think about the shoes? Would you rock them or you would never be caught dead in them?

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Images via MakeMeChic

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  1. Would definitely rock these!! I'm also 5'3" and have loved heels and I've been wearing them since I was 11. Started off with wedges though because that's all my Mom would allow :). Very cool!!


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