July Outfits Recap.

Here is a look back at all my outfit for the month of July.
Here is my favorite outfit:
What outfit is your favorite? Leave a comment below...:)
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  1. My favourites would be Looks # 3,12 & 20. You really rocked it this month, Keep getting better and better. <3


  2. Today I'm in pattern-mix-mood, so the absolute favourite is no.3! But next to it here comes 10,12,17,21...
    Bye, Andrea from BeyondWhiteLake

  3. My faves are 3,9, 12, 14, and 18!!

  4. 5, 12, 15! Came across your blog today and i love all the color in your outfits :)


  5. I only just recently found your blog and I love seeing the way you style outfits that are inexpensive yet still stylish and sassy. But my favorite from this month is definitely your bando skirt with the stars blouse. Love it!


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