Beyonce: Queen of Live Performances!

Happy Superbowl Sunday!
It's Superbowl Sunday y'all, and I am so not a sports fanatic but I am definitely tuning in to watch this Superbowl XLVII. Why? Of course to see Beyonce "Queen Bee" perform at the anticipated Pepsi half-time show. I am such a huge Beyonce fan and I am so excited to see her perform. I have been  trying to think of what songs I would like for her to perform but at this point any song will do for me as long she is singing and dancing. I am also hoping for a lil Destiny's Child cameo; their new single "Nuclear" has been on repeat on my iPod and phone...:)
I also cannot what to see the super chic outfit she will be wearing for her performance. Below are some of my favorite costumes Beyonce has worn during past live performances. 
Only Queen Bee could wear this and still look so beautiful!
Perfect! Like a Golden Goddess...
The hair! The color! So bright and fun!
This dress is just so dramatic and fierce!
She looks stunning in gold as always...
What a way to rock a sequinned purple blazer! Absolutely gorgeous!
The video below is my absolute favorite Beyonce's performance till date, Check it out...:)
This video is just a tip of the iceberg, I am sure she is definitely gonna kill it at the Pepsi half-time show! It will absolutely be a once in a lifetime performance...:)
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all enjoy the game and Beyonce's half-time show!

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  1. Beyonce is a BEAST!!!!! I just saw the performance, she is so darn talented hey!


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