Ankara Gele...

Happy Wednesday Lovelies!
Ankara Maxi Dress: Custom Made
Ankara Gele: Tied by "Yours Truly"
Belt: Random
Clutch: Ross
Ankle Strap Sandals: Shoemint "Eileen"
How are you all doing? Can you tell I was so excited while taking this pictures? It's finally Spring/Summer and I've missed wearing my Ankara (Nigerian material for making clothes) outfits. I have had this maxi dress for a while and have worn it a couple of times but I never took pictures with it. So here we go... Be on the look out for more Ankara outfits this Summer.
How fab at these sandals? They are simple in the front and funky at the back.
I wore this outfit to church last Sunday. Although I did not tie my "Gele" (head-tie) to church but I wanted to share this aspect of my culture with you all. The art of tying this "Gele" is always a hit or miss for me, luckily that day it was definitely a hit as you can see. I absolutely love the way it shapes my face and totally transforms me into this Proud Nigerian Lady...:)
What do you guys think of my Gele?
Thanks for stopping by and reading. Enjoy the rest of your week!


  1. Wow :O you look amazing! Love it!

  2. WOW WOW WOW! stunning! i love love love this look....!#ProudlyAfrican

  3. totally loving your maxi dress


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