It's my...

 Yay! I am 20 today, and no longer a teenager. It feels so weird just thinking that I have spent 2 decades in this world. I am so appreciative to God for the gift of life, family, friends, education and good health. Honestly I am a bit scared of growing, cos at this pace before I know it I will be done with school and be thrown in the real world to face major decisions and challenges. Sometimes I just wish I could be my mom and dad's little girl but now I am realizing she is all grown up...:(
I opened up Google this morning to finish up some assignments and I found this. At first I was like "why do they have a birthday cake, Is it Google's birthday today?" Then I put my cursor on the image and it says "Happy Birthday Raliat!" I was like "AWWWW" I never knew they did this. It just instantly brought a smile to my face...:) 
Thank you so much for your visiting, reading and continuous support. Really it's like a Birthday gift to me.
I hope you all have a wonderful day, I know I will...attending classes and studying...ha ha


  1. Wishing you all the very best as you celebrate. Have fun, cheers!

  2. aw that's cool. happy birthday lady!


  3. Happy belated Birthday Raliat, Hope you had a wonderful day!


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