Burgundy Lovin'...Hello 2014!

Happy New Year Loves!
Dress: Boohoo (HERE)
Blazer: Kardashian Kollection (HERE)
Bag: Justfab "Tastemaker" (HERE)
Shoes: Justfab "Fairfield" (HERE)
Lipstick: MAC "Dark Side" (HERE)
How has your New Year been going so far? Mine had been going great, I went to Church on New Year's Eve to ring in the New Year. I know most people are all over the place with the whole New Year's resolutions and the cliche "New Year, New Me." I am not the type that make New Year's resolutions, I just think that in most cases people have high exceptions with the resolutions and never follow it through after the first month. Instead, I like to set small realistic goals with specific time to achieve it. One of my goals for the year is to try eating healthy, I seriously have a big sweet tooth and love candy, chocolate and junk foods. I have actually started working on that goal since my winter break started, and it's so difficult not to go out and buy my junkies. But I am trying gradually and so far I have been doing pretty good. Another one of my goals is to try to blog at least 2 times a week once school start cos this last semester in my college career is going to be super busy but we'll see how it goes, please bare with me if I take some little breaks from blogging in the next couple of months...:)
On to my outfit, I wanted to start my New Year with a bang and as soon as I saw this beautiful burgundy dress in my closet that I got towards the end of last summer from Boohoo, I knew this was the dress. I love the rich burgundy color, midi length and of course the peplum detail at the waist. If though it's a little late, the is my first peplum dress, I have a lot of peplum tops but this is actually my first dress. I wore this on New Year's Eve to church. For a more polished look, I added a printed blazer on top and accessorized with a black bag and pumps. I am so looking forward to trying new things and having fun as always with my fashion and looks this year 2014.
Thank you so much for stopping by and have a wonderful day!


  1. What a great way to start 2014!!! I love the burgundy dress, it goes perfectly with the leopard print blazer!! And I am so like you, I'd rather set a few realistic goals than having a ton of crazy ones that just sit on the paper... xx

  2. I completely agree with you on the New Years resolution. I never participate in that. If there is a change I need to make in my life, I just fix it immediately :)

    And good for you for trying to eat healthier! It's a challenge. I used to be addicted to sweets, but then I realized it was hurting me more than I could ever imagine. I developed cavities in my teeth and had migraines several times a week. You're right though...it is a gradual process. I didn't just stop eating sweets. I had to eat less every day. Now the sweetest thing I eat is an apple or a seasonal piece of fruit :) I can't stand processed sweets of any kind any more. It took me about 1 year to get where I am with my candy addiction lol.

    Anyway...I wrote too much! I wanted to tell you that your outfit is super pretty. I love your hair like that! This outfit is so sophisticated.

    Happy New Year, gorgeous <3

    xo Azu


  3. Happy New Year girl. Mine has been off to a great start. Loving the entire outfit!! Have a wonderful weekend. Latest post 2014:Emerald Flare

    Louisa Moje


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