Graduating in Louboutins...

Happy Monday Lovelies!
ASOS Wiggle Dress in Floral Jacquard (HERE)
Forever 21 Skinny Belt (old)
Frosted Floral Bib Necklace (HERE)
Christian Louboutin "Pigalle" 100mm (HERE)
MAC "Riri Woo" Lipstick (HERE
How was your weekend? Mine was pretty great, didn't do much except for seeing a movie on Friday. Here is the second look I wore for my big graduation ceremony. I don't know if y'all remember but when I got my nude louboutins last summer, I also got a black pair but I specifically saved it up for my graduation. So I had a couple of months to search for a dress to wear with it. I could not find the perfect dress for it cos I was too picky but in the last minute I picked up this wiggle dress in a floral print jacquard. I love the way the outfit turned out but I think my purple hair clashes with it...:( Anyways I will be sharing my last look in my graduation outfits series in the next post, it's what I wore for my graduation party so stay tuned...:)

Thank you so much for stopping by and have a wonderful day!


  1. Love your dress and congratulations again. Maybe you could have put your hair up to avoid the clashing but nevertheless you look great.

  2. wow! congrats to you and congrats to us! I just graduated too last weekend! hurray for graduation! nice dress btw :))

  3. Raliat, you look amazing! Congratulations on graduating :) I wish you lots of luck, success, and happiness in all your endeavors!

    You sure are dressed for success in this outfit. Your dress matches perfectly with those HOT Louboutins. And I don't think your hair clashes with your outfit at all...the colors look lovely together :)

    xo Azu

  4. You look gorgeous!!!!!! I don't think your hair clashes with your outfit, it looks great!!


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