Modern Iro & Buba...

Happy Thursday Lovelies!

The African Shop Iro & Buba Set (HERE)
Forever 21 Statement Necklace (HERE)
Forever 21 Lucite Clutch (similar HERE)
Justfab "Lotus" Floral Print Sandals (HERE)
MAC "Flat Out Fabulous" Lipstick (HERE)
How is your week going so far. I spent mine attending classes and mostly studying for my PCATs...:( Today's outfit features a modern take on a traditional style from my Yoruba culture. Iro and Buba (pronounced "ee-roe" and "boo-bah") is a traditional Nigerian outfit mostly common among the Yoruba people. I am pretty sure every Yoruba mother has Iro & Buba in their closet but the way they tie their wrapper (Iro) is completely different from the way I tied mine in this post. Some time last year, I was on one of my favorite websites Bellanaija when I saw an Iro and Buba outfit with the Iro tied in a tulip style and I was like "I don't like like Iro & Buba but I would totally wear that outfit!" The Tulip style of tying the wrapper is the new trend among young and fashionable Nigerian ladies. Also, the Iro & Buba is now made from Chiffon, Silk or Velvet fabrics instead of the typical Lace and Ankara fabrics. I have been looking for a set here in the US but they are so freaking expensive and I know in Nigeria where it's now a huge trend, they are so cheap. I finally found a set courtesy of  The African Shop. It's in a beautiful animal print chiffon fabric and I styled it with a pair of floral print sandals, statement necklace and a lucite clutch. One thing I love about this new trend is that you can style and rock it in both dressy and casual ways. I am looking forward to getting more Iro and Buba sets...:)
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  1. I had no idea you wear yourba. I love your Iro and Buba, I plan on getting one tailored soon.Its interesting how this is now a trend when before it was for only mama's, you know old mama style.

  2. You look amazing!! Love the whole look!

  3. Just saw your youtube channel! Loved it and subscribed! I love your style. You look amazing and that hair is gorgeous! Just subscribed via GFC. Would you like to follow each other?


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