Leather & Plaid Mix...

Happy New Week Lovelies!

H&M Plaid Shirt (similar HERE)
Justfab Leather Wrap Skirt (HERE)
ASOS Obi Leather Belt (similar HERE)
Justfab Cut-out Booties (similar HERE)
NYX "Copenhagen" Matte Lip Cream (HERE)
How are you all doing? I hope you had a restful weekend. I sure did since I spent most of Saturday in bed just relaxing and catching up on some readings (I love reading as a hobby). On Sunday, I went to church and then to a co-worker's get together afterwards. It was so fun talking and eating some yummy Indian vegetarian dishes. I am a very picky eater and I don't like trying out new cuisines, but that Indian food was really delicious. I was so amazed by how much I liked the food. It got me thinking about how we as humans can be so close-minded sometimes that we end up depriving ourselves and missing out on good experiences. After that experience, I promised myself to try not to be too picky when it comes to food, I feel like I have missed out on so many good food just because I "considered" myself a picky eater...ha ha! 

On to the outfit, it's no surprise that leather and plaid are major trends this fall season. Both are considered to be fall staples every fall/winter season.  For this outfit, I paired a plaid shirt with a wrap faux leather skirt both in a burgundy shade. I completed the look with a black obi belt and a pair of black bootie. I really love how edgy yet somewhat feminine the outfit turned out to be. What do you guys think of this leather and plaid mix?
As always, thank you so much for stopping by and have a blessed week!


  1. VERY NICE!! I'm also a picky eater, but I'm also greedy so I don't see how that works with one another, lolol! I am so in love with burgundy (oxblood, whatever its called, lol) color. That skirt is to die for and I almost wore my booties like those yesterday when shooting! Great minds think alike! Anyway, great post as usual.

    xo, Chanda | www.mschanda.com

  2. Haha when you talked about being a picky eater, it reminded me of my best friend who always judge food she never tried, she's like "ew what is this, I'm sure it tastes bad..." until she gets a bite then she's like it's not that bad finally. I'm all about trying different stuff so I'm always pushing her limits haha. Anyways, I love the burgundy look once again, your shirt is great!!

  3. I love the Obi belt you paired with the outfit, You look elegant in the combo


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