It's My Birthday + Purple Embellished Dress

Happy New Week Lovelies!

Virgos Lounge Purple Embellished Dress (HERE)
Vince Camuto Tami Dress Sandals (HERE)
MAC "Recollection" Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour (HERE)
How was your weekend! Mine was fantastic and Today's is even more amazing because it's my 23rd Birthday! Gosh! I can't believe I am 23 years old, all the Glory be to God. I just want to thank God for sparing my life and watching over me till this day and I don't know where or what I would be without Him. At the beginning of this year 2016, I wrote down some personal goals that I wanted to achieve and by the second month of the year I achieved my biggest goal that is definitely not possible without my heavenly father God. I have been hinting on a good news for a while now and If you follow me on snapchat (rallydfashfan), you might have an idea of what I am talking about but I actually have not announced it publicly yet. I graduated undergrad almost 2 years ago (see HERE and HERE) and since then it's been a whirlwind of working and taking extra classes to finish up my prerequisites. But I can finally share my good news now! I am going to Pharmacy School!!! Woot! Woot!! In like exactly 3 months, I will be starting a new chapter of my life as a Student Pharmacist at my top choice pharmacy school. To be honest, the process of applying and interviewing to SOPs was brutal plus the waiting game of hearing if you got in or not was not a joke. I just thank God that I am blessed to be among the chosen ones. I could not ask for a better birthday present for myself than achieving one of my main goals in life. I know a lot of people are going to ask me, so what about sewing and blogging? I love sewing and blogging and don't worry I am not going to stop blogging I just might not be as consistent as I normally would be, sewing on the other hand might have to be put on hold but we'll see how it goes once I actually start school. I am trying to enjoy these last 3 months of freedom as I call it before my social life becomes over...ha ha. As for the outfit, I snagged this dress while it was on sale last Summer, love the purple color plus the embellished beaded bodice is just so beautiful. I wore it with a pair of gold sandals to Thanksgiving service last Sunday. Anyways I am off to work (cos that's what adults do on their birthdays) and hopefully enjoy my Talk to you all later!
Thank you so much for stopping by and have a blessed week!


  1. Happy Birthday Raliat..we are amazing April borns..hahah.. congrats on entering pharmacy school and I wish you many more greatness as you grow older. I love that dress btw.. mail it my way.. have a great birthday

  2. Raliat!!! I'm so so happy for you!! That's such an awesome birthday. Congrats! You look beautiful! Happy Birthday again 🎉🎉🎉😘

  3. Happy Birthday and Congratulations on going back to school! So much amazing stuff going on! :)

    xx, Chanda

  4. Happy Birthday and congrats on your admission, God be praised indeed. I love the dress, the detailing and and raunching. Purple is very flattering on you, I also like your new hair do. Congrats again!
    Princess Audu

  5. BIG congratulations to you girl! I'm excited for you and can't wait to see how things go for you. You deserve it! Love the outfit as well. Lots of love.


  6. happy birthday and congratulations girl!! Your outfit is gorgeous as well!!
    DeeVine Anonyme

  7. Happy birthday and Congratulations on your acceptance to pharmacy school. I hope you had a great birthday even at work?

  8. Every fashionista needs a VL dress! You look lovely and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rally! You're such an inspiration. May God guide you and be with you with this new journey. I hope Pharmacy School doesn't take all of your sewing time:( lol :):)

  9. Happy birthday dear and congrats on your pharmacy school acceptance. the wait game can be pain sometimes. happy for you.


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