Celebrating Someone Special: My Mummy

Happy Mother's Day!

How is your weekend going? I normally don't post during the weekends but today is a special one and since it's Mother's day I wanted to celebrate the most special person in my life: My momma! My mummy is sweetest, kindest, most hardworking and loving person I know. She is absolutely hilarious too, I joke around and say if I were to record the jokes and "shades" she throws with a serious face, she would definitely go viral. When I was a teenager, I used to fight with my mum all the time and I thought my mom was too strict and hard on me because she wanted me to be the best version of myself I can be. Now as a young woman, I can truly say she is my best friend (which I didn't think she was as a teenager) and I thank her for bringing me up to be kind, generous, loving, hardworking and God-fearing. My mom has done so many things and made so many sacrifices for my siblings and I that I would be ungrateful if I don't love and appreciate her. She is my biggest inspiration, motivation and supporter, everything I do she is always very supportive and encouraging. I would never forget about 2 years ago while shopping at my local Costco and we saw a sewing machine on sale, my mum encouraged me to get it. She believed in me that I could figure out how to make it work since she knew I have always wanted to learn how to sew.  Now I cannot imagine my life without sewing as a hobby. Or it when I was beating myself up for not getting the scores I wanted for my PCATs and she telling me she is still proud of me regardless and I should apply to Pharmacy schools with the scores. Even after working an overnight on-call shift, my mom still drove 3hrs to take me to my Pharmacy school interview because I was too nervous to drive myself. And guess what? I got into that school (my top choice) because of her support and prayers. Things like that just make me in awe of her and her love for her children. She is the only person I know that has been in the same career for over 30 years yet she loves it and finds joy in it every single day, I wanna be like her in 30 years. It's become a norm in my house for us to wake up to her praying so hard for her children every day. She is simply the best and has set the bar so high that I hope and pray that I would as good as a mom to my future children as she is to me and my siblings. 
So Mummy, Happy Mother's Day to you! Love you!!
Thank you so much for stopping by and Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mother out there!


  1. your mom is beautiful!! hope she enjoyed her Mother's Day!

    xx, Chanda

  2. God bless your mom, heartful write up !!!


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