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How are you doing? I hope you are having a lovely week so far. I am back again to share another travel post but this time around it's all about Paris! It has always been a dream of mine to travel to Paris and that dream became a reality when I went on my solo vacation. I meet up with some of my friends from the US who were also vacationing in London and we decided to take a day trip to Paris.
P.S: This post is photos heavy, but I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I did taking them..:)
Translates to "Welcome to Paris"
Sacre Coeur Basillica: It is the highest point of the city and the view from the top is absolutely breathtaking.
View from the the entrance of the Sacre Coeur Basillica.
He was playing some beautiful music with his Harp at the entrance of the Sacre Coeur.
I just love the narrowness of some of the streets.
How to get to Paris: One thing I love about traveling to Europe is that it's really easy to navigate from one country to another. To go to Paris, we decided to take the bus which includes a ferry ride across the border of UK and France. We booked our bus trip via Ouibus and it cost about 30 pounds (about $55) to book the round trip. So we took the bus to the UK border where our passports were checked and stamped. Then got onto the P&O Ferry at the Dover Port and back to the bus for the remainder of the trip. The same trip occurs on the way back from Paris. Honestly the bus ride was a bit tiring but was definitely a once in a lifetime experience. Only con for the bus was that the free wifi as advertised didn't really work on the bus, other than that the seats were comfortable and there was power outlets to charge your electronics. There are also other ways to get to Paris either by air  or even by the Eurostar train but those were obviously more expensive.
One cool thing I noticed while touring around Paris was that there was literally a "Pharmacie" (Pharmacy) on almost every street. It just make me so proud to be studying a career that is such an integral part of the society anywhere in the world. Looking forward to being a Pharmacist in about 3 years...:)
Touring around Paris: The city of Paris has so many tourist attractions that it is honestly not easy to navigate around those attractions by oneself. That's where a bus tour comes in and it makes it easier to visit places without worry about parking or taking public transports. We booked L'Open Tour bus and that definitely make our tour in Paris easier. The L'Open Tour offers a hop-on and hop-off as you wish option with 4 bus routes and 50 different stops to explore the tourist attractions in Paris. We got the tickets for the 1 day Bus Tour pass + Louvre HERE for 46 Euros (about $52) but there are also other tour packages like 2, 3 consecutive days Bus Tour Pass and Night Tour passes as well. One thing I loved about the Bus Tour was the headphones we got and connected to the side of our seats on the Bus, we got to listen to the history of the tourist places as we ride pass them.
The L'Open Tour Buses: The top decker is definitely the best place to sit cos you get to see Paris from a really nice angle as the buses go around the city.
The Louvre Museum: is the world's largest museum, I think it will take you about a day to see all the exhibits in it. We only spent about 2 hours in it but we still got to see some cool exhibits.
How gorgeous does this ceiling look? Seriously every part of the Louvre Museum has such interesting details.
The famous Mona Lisa Portrait. I honestly thought it was going to be a big painting but it's actually kinda
Love how cool the inside of the Louvre looks like?

Can you peep the Eiffel Tower in the back?
The Eiffel Towel: is definitely the most popular tourist attraction in Paris and when you see it for the first time in person, you would see why. It's just so stunning, I can't get over how beautiful it. I wish I had the chance to see it at night but I am so glad I got to see it in person, absolutely a dream come true.
If you know how many trials it took to get this one cool shoot, you would totally shake your head. Definitely my favorite shot from my Paris Trip. Shout out to my girl Bolu for the idea and of course for taking the picture. 
Sunflower Print Top (I made)
Fabric: Vlisco & Pattern: Vintage Butterick
Soho Jeans Black High Waisted Jeans
Justfab "Lores" Pointed Toe Flats

Where to eat in Paris: I honestly think eating in Paris was super expensive compared to the United States. My friends and I were trying to see as much of Paris we could see in 1 day that we didn't even think of eating till the end of the day. While looking for where to eat, we had to walk by a couple of restaurants looking at menus and prices before finally settling on an affordable one.
The Notre Dame Cathedral
How cool is the structural design of the Notre-Dame Cathedral?
Another thing I loved about Paris was the fact that there have signs and directions all over the city, makes it really easy for tourists.
My Overall Thoughts/Tips on Paris: 
* Paris is such a beautiful city with such interesting buildings and architecture.
If you don't speak just a lil French you might find it very difficult to navigate around the city because some Parisians are not willing to help out of you don't make the effort to speak some French. Shout out to Bolu for saving her butts with her high school level
* Book a tour bus, it would absolutely make your navigation around the city easier and very smooth.
* Try to change your currency to Euros before going to the city so you don't have to worry about looking for a place to do it and you can get some cool souvenirs.
* Wear comfortable clothing and shoes, trust me you don't wanna feel uncomfortable while touring around such an interesting city.
* If you can, try to have internet service on your phone because there is not a lot of places with free wi-fi in Paris. The only place that we got free wi-fi was at the Apple store in the Louvre Museum.
* Carry around some snacks with you if you can, things are kinda expensive especially around the tourist areas.
* Finally, I loved every moment of my day trip to Paris. I cannot wait to go back, spend more days and also visit some other parts of France as well.
P.S: If you have any more questions about my Paris trip, free feel to comment below or shoot me an email.
Thank you so much for stopping by and stay tuned for my London Travel Diaries!
Pictures taken by Myself & Bolu A.


  1. Lovely photos. You look gorgeous! I'd love to go to Paris some day :)

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  3. Your travel seemed so wonderful and meaningful!
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