The Best of 2016

Happy New Year's Eve Lovelies!
My biggest moment of the year, see post HERE

How are you all doing? Can you all believe that year 2016 is coming to an end in a couple of hours. I am stopping by real quick to share my favorite 16 outfits/moments from year 2016. This year personally was one of the best years of my life. It started out a bit rocky with lots of self-doubt and anticipation of whether or not I would get accepted into grad school. By the grace of God, not only did I get call backs for interviews in all the schools I applied to but I also got accepted into my first choice. So by early February, my biggest goal for the year 2016 was achieved. I couldn't have done it without prayers and definitely support from my family and friends. After that as a reward for getting into Pharmacy school, I booked a solo vacation to London (see post HERE) and also spent a day in Paris (see post HERE) in the month of June. By the middle of July, I started a new chapter in my life as a Student Pharmacist. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing your biggest dream come to pass. I am not gonna lie and pharmacy school is a piece of cake, it comes with lots of stress and late night studying sessions but I wouldn't change it for the world. I just feel so blessed and fulfilled studying to be a Pharmacist. In regards to my hobby of sewing, I challenged myself more this year and took some risks. Whenever I sit in from of my sewing machine, it's absolutely a happy moment for me, a time to self-reflect, destress and have fun. I am so excited for what's God has planned for me in 2017 and I am so looking forward to sharing more personal style and DIY sewing posts with you all in the coming year. Thank you so much for sticking around and for all the love and support. I truly appreciate that you take the time to visit this little web space of my mine. Cheers to year 2017 and I wish you all a Prosperous New Year filled with lots of blessing, joy, peace, laughter and good health.
Do let me know, which one of these outfits is your favorite.

Thank you so much for stopping by and see you all in 2017!


  1. Wow Raliat what a testimony, God is indeed great! Congrats on pursuing your dream. I really enjoyed your outfits this year, especially the ones you sewed. Looking forward to more this year. Happy 2017!
    Princess Audu 

  2. Welcoming you into this New year
    Happy happy
    New Year.

  3. congrats on getting in to pharmacy school, the joy of actually doing what you've always wanted to, more Grace!. Happy new year!


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