The Best of 2017: Year Recap & Reflection.

Happy New Year's Eve!
 How are you all doing? Are you getting ready for the new year 2018? I am just stopping by today to do my yearly recap as per usual. I am sharing my favorite looks I posted on the blog this year but this year's recap will be a little different from others because I am including some personal reflections about my year in this post. Scroll down to read as I walk through certain things and how it impacted my life this year.

My Mummy: I could not reflect on this year without talking about one of the most important person in my life, my best friend and sweet mother. Every year she never cease to amaze me with how much she loves her children. She is my prayer partner, my gist partner and biggest supporter. As much as she can be annoying with her constant meddling and bluntness,  I would not change any thing about her. I still think she is the funniest person in the world and her jokes has a way of cheering me up whenever I am sad. I am eternally grateful to God for blessing me with my mummy. And I am so looking forward to spoiling her rotten when I have the means. Thanks Momma, for being a constant and my pillar in 2017.
P.S: I made her this dress for mother's day and she loves it to so much. 
 Personal Life: This is gonna be tough cos I never really talk about my personal life on here. Even in real life as much as I share some things on my social media, very few people know what is going on personally with me. This year started on a high note for me, I was happy (most of the time), school was fine, and I was so confident and comfortable in the woman I was becoming. But then by the middle of the year, I wasn't happy and I felt like I completely lost myself especially since I was trying to please someone else in our relationship. Ultimately, I had to walk away to find myself and this was really difficult for me to do. I was left feeling emotionally shattered, heart broken, super stressed, a lack of confidence and the most uncomfortable I had ever felt in my life (I had gained so much weight). By the grace of God, I had to pick myself up and slowly find myself again. I am in a much better space right now and I am so excited for what 2018 has in store for me.
 Health & Fitness: I was at my heaviest this past July. I remember going for a health check up back in May and I could not believe how much I had gained. I could tell as a result of the stress I was going through with school and my personal life but hearing the doctor say "everything looks great  but your BMI ranks you at Class 1 Obese and I would advice you to lose some weight" makes you rethink your eating habit but to be honest I thought about it that day and forgot by the next day. Until July when I couldn't believe the person I was looking at in my pictures. If you notice in the blog post this past summer, I made and wore as many bagged dresses I could and no sleeveless even in the hot weather because I did not like showing my arms. I switched up my eating habits in August and joined the gym. Since then, I have lost over 20lbs and still counting. I will do a more detailed post once I get to fitness goal in a few months. 
  Sewing: This part of life still remained my happy place this year. I learned more skills and added a few pieces to my wardrobe. I made a total of 36 items this year including  19 dresses, 1 Jumpsuit, 8 tops, 2 pairs of pants, 1 pair of shorts and 4 skirts. I am so blessed to have such a fun yet rewarding hobby as a part of my life in 2017. I look forward to making more fun pieces and sharing them with you all in 2018.
 Pharmacy School: As stressful as my accelerated program is, I am so happy to be part of it. School was a big part of my life this year. Starting my second year proved to be more challenging but I discovered I love the clinical part of pharmacy. I become more confident in asking questions in the class and definitely paying more attention as well since the clinical stuff was very interesting to me. I am looking forward to finishing up my last semester of classes in 2018 and starting off my full year of rotations.
 Travel: Unfortunately, I didn't even step out of the state of Maryland this year. In between going to school full time and resting/sewing during my breaks, there wasn't much time to travel anywhere in 2017. But 2018 already looks promising, I will be going on a family vacation in the summer and possibly a trip back to my home country at the end of the year. Looking forward to sharing my travel diaries...:)
 I am so excited for what's God has planned for me in 2018 and I am so looking forward to sharing more personal style and DIY sewing posts with you all in the coming year. Thank you so much for sticking around and for all the love and support. I truly appreciate that you take the time to visit this little web space of my mine. Cheers to year 2018 and I wish you all a Prosperous New Year filled with lots of blessing, joy, peace, laughter and good health.
Do let me know, which one of these outfits is your favorite.
Thank you so much for stopping by and see you all in 2018!


  1. So inspiring about your health /fitness goals and how you are reaching them despite your very full schedule. Love love love your outfilts and the fashion confidence you show in every picture. God's continual blessings to you in 2018!

    1. Amen, thank you so much for your support. Happy New Year and have a prosperous one!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your year with us. It's been a big eventful year for you to say the least. Your wardrobe is absolutely stunning! You are beautiful and a talented and creative seamstress. I see a year of reward ahead for you, both in your personal life and in your creations.

    1. Amen! Thank you so much. Happy New Year, wishing you a prosperous one!

  3. Liebe Raliat,
    über Umwege bin ich eben zufällig auf deinen Blog gestoßen und ich bin begeistert.
    Du bist eine tolle Frau, sehr talentiert und kreativ.
    Deine Outfits sind ein optischer Genuss und die Art, wie du schreibst, wirkt sehr sympathisch.
    Meine Favoriten sind das weiße Kleid mit den roten Blumen und das gelbe Kleid mit den großen Blumen.
    Ich wünsche dir für das neue Jahr alles erdenkliche Gute.
    Kreative Grüße von Heike

  4. You had some beautiful makes in 2017, Praying 2018 brings nothing but greater things for you


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