My DIY: Gold Pants Suit with Butterick 4610 & Simplicity 8514 + Hello 2018!

Happy New Year!

Metallic Gold Blazer (I made)
Metallic Gold Pants (I made)
Bow Printed Blouse (super old)
Justfab "Citrine" Velvet Pumps (HERE)
Colourpop "Silhouette" Ultra Matte Lipstick
How are you all doing? Welcome to 2018!! I am so excited and looking forward to what this year will bring. I typically write down goals I want to achieve for the year on the 1st day of the year. My biggest goal for this year is to make sure both my spiritual and physical body are in the best condition. I was listening to sermon at church that stuck to me about how people do a lot things (i.e keto diets, atkins, working out) to maintain and ensure that their physical body is in the best shape. Yet their spiritual being is out of shape and slowing dying out. One of my goals this year is to be very intentional about spending time with God and making sure my spiritual being is also healthy. I tend to slack off with my daily devotions once the stress of school starts but this year even if it is 20 mins every day I am making a commitment to doing it daily. Another goal I have this year is to lose the last 10 -15 lbs I have left and then maintain it. In regards to the blog, my goal is to try to have a quality post once a week (either a DIY or personal style post). I am also switching the way I do my DIY post by writing more in depth details about my sewing process like I did below...:)
For Today's post, I am sharing a DIY Gold Suit I made for Christmas last year. I typically make dresses for Christmas but this past year I challenged myself to try something different by sewing a pants suit. I paired the suit with a black and white printed blouse (I have had it for over 4 years) and completed the look with a pair of black velvet pumps.
I made my 1st completed blazer ever! Woot! Woot!! I use the word "completed" because I tried making a blazer about 2 years ago and I messed it up and had to trash it. I have been skeptical about making another one since then. I finally decided I wanted a DIY suit for Christmas this year so I had to make a
I used a metallic gold denim fabric from Fashion Fabric Club (similar HERE) to make the blazer. While searching for blazer patterns to use I stumbled upon this Butterick 4610 blazer, it is unfortunately out-of-print but can still be found on Amazon, Etsy or Ebay (I got mine of Ebay). I really like the shape of the blazer and the various design element option it offers, I made view D in size 14 and it fits perfectly. I literally started making this blazer on Saturday evening and I wore it on Monday morning for Christmas service. It was absolutely a rushed project which is why I made some mistakes during the sewing process (e.g the collar portion is not equal on both sides, one side is shorter than the other). And there was a lot of hand sewing which I absolutely detest but I had to do it to give it that professional finish.
The blazer has a 2-piece sleeves which helps with the fitting around the arms and the length is just above the hip area. I used a regular fusible interface and lined the blazer using this fabric HERE from Joanns and I love the printed touch it added to it. The bow detail of the pocket is actually one of the reasons I chose this pattern, it adds such a unique detail to the blazer and is the perfect touch for the holiday season. I finished the blazer using a black and gold button from my stash (I think it's from Joann's). I definitely plan on making this blazer again but will take my sweet time and use some tailoring techniques as well. 
For the pants, I wanted an ankle tapered pants and the perfect pants pattern is the recently released Simplicity 8514. The pattern is under their "Amazing Fit" range and comes with separate pattern pieces for slim, average and curvy to get the perfect fit. I used the same metallic denim fabric (similar HERE) for the pants. I cut a size 16 curvy based on the comparison of my hip measurement to the finished garment measurement plus the fact that the difference between my hips and waist is more than 10 inches. Following the pattern instructions to fit test as you sew which I did but I still did not get the perfect fit. The pants were gaping in the back waist area even though it fits perfectly in the hips area and everywhere else. I had to put a dart in the back seam so it could fit me. 
Overall, I love this pattern fit and style. The front seam detail and little slits at the ankle adds a cool fact to the pants. It will definitely become a TNT but I have to shave off about 3 inches in the waist area next time I make it.
Thank you so much for stopping by and have a wonderful day!


  1. Beautiful! Congrats on your first blazer! The outfit's a winner.

  2. Hello Olivia, amazing outfit, I was trying to find a review on the 8514 pants and yours is the only one I found, Is that fabric stretch? I am asking myself if I can cut those pants in a cotton wax African fabric^^

  3. Hey! I did use a fabric with a little (about 2%) stretch.

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