My DIY: Purple Glitter Evening Dress using McCalls M7683, M7722 & M7569

Happy Saturday Lovelies!

Purple Glitter Evening Dress (I made)
Fabric: Violet Glitter Knit from Fabric Mart (sold-out)
Belt & Sandals: ASOS (both are super old)
 How are you all doing? Thank you so much for all the love on my 25th birthday post HERE I really appreciate it. I promised to share all the detail about my outfits so that is what I am doing in today's post. I wanted to create a glam look for one of the looks for my birthday shoot. That's what I made with this purple evening gown.
 When it comes to every aspect of my life, I am a big planner. I plan every single sewing projects sometimes even months ahead. I decided I wanted to make an evening dress but with a knit fabric as soon I started planning my photoshoot last December. I was luckily able to find this yummy but a pain in the butt (cos the glitter transfers everywhere) glitter knit fabric from Fabric Mart. I got 4 yards of it just to be sure it will be enough to make a dressy gown. 
 The style I wanted was a dress with long sleeves and a high slit (conservative with a sexy element to it). There was not any pattern that fitted the look I was going for so I knew I have to use 2-3 patterns to create the look I wanted. I saw the skirt of McCalls 7683 and immediately thought it was perfect. I used the bodice of McCalls 7569 cos I love the simplicity of it. For the sleeves I used the sleeves of view C of McCalls 7722 and that how this look came about. I cut a size 14 in all the pieces and was able to put together everything in less than a day. I had the patterns/fabric pieces cut out in advance but didn't start sewing till the morning of my photoshoot day. I lined the dress with a power mesh, a tip I learned from this Mimi G video.
 As a result of my rushed sewing, I don't think the fit is the best. The fact that I am currently in between pattern sizes and trying to learn how to fit my new body did not help. At the time of the shoot, I had lost a total of 13 inches of my body and to be honest I am still getting used to sewing for a smaller size. The waist turned to be big plus the sleeves did not turn out the way I wanted it. I actually thought of scrapping the look but I was able to figure out a way to style it so that it looked decent.
 Overall, I loved the patterns that I used but I will cut a size smaller next time I make them and figure out a way to better fit it to my body. Sewing this evening gown really expand my sewing techniques which is one thing that I love about sewing, the fact that there is always that constant learning cycle to brush up and elevate your sewing skills. It actually kind of reminds me of Pharmacy, where we have been told right from the beginning that it is a lifelong learning
 BONUS! Details on the other dress I wore for my Birthday photoshoot below...:)
This striped flouncy dress was custom made by Ashford by Sadiq and I absolutely love how fun and colorful it turned out. He used this Fluorescent Pink Striped Taffeta I got from Mood Fabrics last year. I especially love the playful placement of the stripes in such a way that it accentuates my curves. 
  In the almost 4 years, that I have been sewing no one has made any dresses/outfits for me. Some times it's okay to let go and give other people the chance. I wasn't able to make this dress due to my school schedule but I am so glad I had it made to fit my personal style and taste. It's definitely one of my favorite dresses ever. If you are based in the DMV area and need a customized outfit, you should definitely check him out.
Thank you so much for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend!
Pictures taken by CamIver

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